Differences between a UK & Mallorca Wedding

April 5, 2015

Packing: What most brides forget!

April 13, 2015

A guide to: Confetti

April 6, 2015
Mallorca & Uk weddings differences
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A guide to confetti mallorca wedding
From my experiences, some wedding venues in Mallorca do not allow the use of confetti… it’s not too surprising, the stuff gets everywhere! Some are not keen on the biodegradable confetti either. In Spain it’s traditional for the guests to throw rice.  Confetti makes such a great photograph and it’s one of my favourite shots to capture!


My best advice would be to use real petals. Ask your florist to supply you with some, or your venue will be able to help. Make sure your bridesmaid or mother will hand out the confetti or pass a basket round towards the end of your ceremony. Remember if you are walking down a central isle outdoors, then guests closest to the isle should have the most amount of confetti for maximum effect! Real large petals are so beautiful and they show up in the photographs much better too:

mardaval mallorca wedding confetti photography

If you are getting married inside a venue or Church remember that when you walk out, your guests proceed out after you. Some people like to throw confetti at this point but my suggestion would be once your guests have congratulated you, to walk back inside. In the meantime your photographer can arrange your guests into 2 lines ready to throw the confetti. Remember this can take 5 minutes to organise depending on how many guests you have and how receptive they are to instructions!…


Even though the photos look natural, this arrangement is not a natural flow of the proceedings and can sometimes feel a bit too staged.

If you are having a group photograph, then another option is to throw confetti after the shot.

Wedding mallorca group photo yacht club cala dor mallorca

I found this fantastic idea on Hobby Craft’s Pinterest page. You can get these Craft Punches and make your own confetti out of newspapers, maps or pretty paper… Hobby Craft have loads of different ones. You can see them HERE.  Most weddings here happen during the summer time but if you’re having an Autumn wedding then this idea to use leaves would be fab!…

leaf petals idea


In my opinion it’s a must have shot. Remember to tell your photographer what your preferences are.

Photos by me :0) Hannah Victoria Photography

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