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September 15, 2015

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September 29, 2015

Bridal tips and tricks!

September 23, 2015
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Getting married in Mallorca is beautiful… Sun, sea, fresh air and idilic settings. However getting married outside, can host some challenges you may not have faced back in the UK. I have experienced many weddings from start to finish and as a result I know what works and what doesn’t. Hopefully the following tips and tricks will help minimise those little un expected niggles you may have on your day.


1. Heels!

So this summer I have seen heels get stuck in decking, heels sink in to the grass , and slipping on tiles! Think how you will be in your wedding shoes and the route you will take. Where will you be getting ready? Do you have far to walk ? If you have photos taken away from the venue or on the rocks, then bring comfortable flat shoes to change in to.

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2. Sea breeze

If you’re getting married by the sea , which is quite likely in Mallorca!… there will be a sea breeze. On some days unfortunately, this can feel more like a gale force wind! So this may effect your choice of hair style and if you decide to wear a veil. I’ve seen a lot of brides battling with their veil! However it can make a great photo!In my opinion it’s best to wear it for part of the day. I would recommend having an ‘up do’ hairstyle so that you know it will stay in place all day. Lately I have seen brides have two strands of hair at the front curled and hanging down. This looks lovely however from experience they have ended up covering the brides face and it takes a while to get a shot without them in the way!

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3. Bring supplies 

Two things I hear at nearly every wedding ‘ Where are the scissors’ and ‘Does anybody have a safety pin!’ So bring lots!!!  I can guarantee you will need them for somebody at the last minute. Read my blog on Packing for more helpful advice!

4. The List

Decide BEFORE the day who you would like in the formals photographs. I always give the advice to make a list of about 8-10 combinations. Sometimes couples forget what with everything else going on.  With a list myself or the best man are able to round up the correct people ready for the shot, with out a list, the bride and groom are left standing,  shouting out names. This makes it a much harder task and not something you want to organise on your day… I can guarantee, someone will always wander off, be at the bar, or in the bathroom, just when you need them!

5. Sunshine

Getting married in the day in Mallorca when the sun is very strong means that there are of course harsh shadows if you are in full sun. I advise getting married after 5pm, especially in the height of summer. By the time we do the couple photographs and formals at 6 – 7 pm, the sun will be less harsh resulting in a softer light and better photos!

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6. Bouquet

If you want to throw your bouquet, don’t throw your one! A good tip is to throw one of your bridesmaids bouquets instead. It’s nice to keep your one in tact for the photos and so you can have it on the table later on, with out any flowers missing.

7. Locations

My best advice would be to have your whole wedding day in one location! From preparations through to the Ceremony and Reception. There are lots of venues in Mallorca which can cater for this all ‘under one roof’. Some of my favourites are: The St.Regis Mardevall Resort, The Yacht Club Cala dor, H10 Punta Negra Hotel and La Residencia. This means that you don’t need to worry about transporting your guests from one place to another. If less time is spent travelling it means more valuable time to just enjoy your day with your loved ones. From my photography point of view, if there are three locations involved, it means I have to spend time finding parking, un packing my equipment, packing up again and travelling. So having your Wedding in one venue means lots more lovely photos can be taken as well! 😉

Hope that helps!

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