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May 17, 2015

Real Wedding: The St. Regis Mardavall Resort

June 13, 2015

Supplier under the Spotlight: Linda Clarin Hair & Make up Artist

May 18, 2015
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Linda Clarin Make up
Linda Clarin has been working as a Hair and Make Up Artist in Mallorca for over 15 years. I’m always so amazed and inspired by her wonderful work!
Here’s my interview with the lovely lady…
 Photos by Hannah and Richard:


1. How did you get into doing Make up?
I started out working as a model in Sweden when I was a teenager but soon realised I actually liked the work behind the camera, more than being in front of it. So I started to study photography first and then bit by bit became more and more interested in the styling, hair and make up part of a production. Also my mother was in the same business doing hair and make up so the transition into doing this came very natural to me.
2. What is a day in the life of Linda Clarin like?
That’s a difficult question, hahaha! Working as a freelance the days can be very different as every job I do is different. But basicly I start my day with getting the family ready, dropping the  little one of at day care and then I’m off to do the job of the day. Some days its a production, other days hair and make up for an event and during the summer it’s mostly weddings that I do.
3. What do you love most about your job?
I love that it is creative, that I get to work with people and that it is always different. I never get bored with what I do. Also, getting to see lovely locations and venues and travel all over the island is a big plus. I prefer the freedom of being mobile rather than being “stuck” in a salon or office.
4. What’s your best piece of advice you can give Mallorca brides?
Oh, there are a lot of things to think about before the big day, but first I would say to take care of your skin. Drink loads of water, stay off coffee, alcohol and foods that contain a lot of fat and sugar.
Never ever get burnt in the sun before your wedding day. Being in the sun can be tempting but it is very difficult to cover a sun burn with make up. A nice tan is another thing, that we like! 😉 Try to avoid stress. It can be stressful to plan your wedding day but please try to relax and enjoy the day, it goes by so quickly!
5. What can we find in your make up box?
I use a mix of the brands Bobbi Brown, Mac and Bare Minerals. As well as some odd pieces here and there. If I find something I like I can’t help myself from buying it. A good primer is a must, as well as a good base. That’s the whole foundation of the make up.
6. Can you give Mallorca Brides some top tips 
on what do before their wedding day?
Again, drink loads of water. Avoid doing drastic changes in your every day skin routine. For example, if you would like to do a facial do it at least 2 weeks before the wedding day in case you get a reaction. Cleansing facials often give rashes and blemished the days after, so try to avoid that. Moisturise is always good, but again, use products you know work well with your skin. Suncream is always a must if you are in direct sunlight but keep in mind that the suncream normally is thicker and greeasier than your normal day cream so it might give you a breakout. Better to use a sun hat and stay in the shade, or use a lighter day cream with a high SPF. Sleep as much as you can, rest, that always boosts your skin and reduces dark circles under the eyes etc. And last, eat lots of veggies and fruit to give your body and skin as much nutrition as possible. If possible start a good diet and stick to it at least 3 months before the wedding to get maximum results.

7. How many hours does it take to do wedding make up and hair?
Bridal hair and make up normally take about 2 hours. Bridesmaids hair and make up 1 hour. But it always depends a bit on what the bride wants to have done of course.
8. What if the weather is really hot , 
do you use special products to help the make up stay on all day?
I always use a good primer and base as well as high quality products… and good air conditioning helps! 😉
9. What sets you apart from other make up artists?
Well, its always hard to talk about ones self like that….. but I hope my clients feel that I listen to them and always do my very best to deliver according to their wishes and needs. I always want my clients to feel safe and to enjoy the process of being “made up” for their special day. Unfortunately I know that there are a lot of people out there calling them selves “stylist” or “make up artists” that might not have the right know how, education and experience, leaving the clients dissapointed in the end. It’s a shame! But that’s why I’m different. I have done this for over 15 years so I know I have the experience and professional know how needed to do my job at the most professional level.

10. How do we contact you?
You are always welcome to send me an email to: or to give me a call: +34-634754130.
You can also visit my web page: or my face book page:
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