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April 13, 2015

Today’s Venue: Yacht Club Cala d’Or

April 24, 2015

10 tips on how to handle the heat!

April 15, 2015
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Yacht Club Cala dOr Mallorca Wedding Hannah Brides
The weather in mallorca can reach up to 40 degrees in the peak month of August. If your wedding is in July or August then here are some useful tips…


  1. Ceremony time – Plan to hold your ceremony after 5pm. The heat will be less intense.
  2. The dress – You may think a fuller dress will be hotter to wear but in fact most brides I have spoken to find that they are cooler as they let the air circulate underneath! The material will not stick to your legs.
  3. Ouch the Shoes! – remember your feet will swell in the heat. You may have tried on your wedding shoes on a freezing cold day in the UK. Remember your feet will be hot and swell a little. Make sure you have worn them in well before the day.
  4. Eat! I have seen it so many times, make sure you eat breakfast. You may have planned your evening meal for around 7pm, so don’t rely on canopes to see you through. You will need the energy.
  5. Drink! It’s a good idea to provide plenty of bottles of water for your guests. A bottle of water and fan on each seat is a nice touch, your guests will thank you for it.  Make sure your guests do not sit in direct sunlight. Use umbrellas. Make sure YOU keep hydrated through out the day. It might mean a few more trips to the loo for your bridesmaids to help you with but thats what they are there for!
  6. Hair and make up – Allow time to have a freshen up in the evening. If you have long hair like me and it gets frizzy at the slightest drop of humidity then you will probably want an up-do. This will keep you cooler and should remain in place the whole day. If its been really humid or you have had a few tears and touched your face, then re-apply a little foundation, the rest of your make up should be fine. Remember to use water proof Mascara!!!
  7. Air conditioningI have been to some venues where it feels like I’ve gone from the desert to the north pole in the space of a second! Make sure you have a shawl with you in case it gets a bit chilly whilst you are seated during speeches.
  8. Wear suncream  – If you are planning on catching the rays before the big day, then stay protected. I’ve met a few brides who were so annoyed about their tan lines, it’s very hard to cover these up.
  9. Formal Photos – I always recommend a maximum of 10 formals. They sound easy on paper, but they can eat up a lot of time because your guests will naturally wonder off, go to the bathroom or the bar. You won’t want to stand in the same position for ages in the heat, waiting for your guests to get in the photo.  As much as you want a particular photo, your guests may not be so attentive. It’s helpful if your best man can round everybody up ready. This will speed things up.
  10. Pool party! If your venue has a pool it may seem natural to think you can dive straight in but beware, a lot of venues have strict rules and do not allow use of the pool after a certain time. Check this with your venue. Generally mixing alcohol with swimming is not a good combination! Make sure your guests know the rules.

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